Send emails that click.

E-commerce businesses send millions of emails that aren’t personalized.
With Mojn, you can send highly relevant emails people want to click.

See how Mojn can help your email marketing!

How it works

Mojn. Designed with your workflow in mind.

Currently, you prepare & send exactly the same email to your whole list of email subscribers.

   Enter Mojn   

Prepare a normal email template (within your existing email provider).


Specify the location of the personalized product section in your email template.


Mojn automagically inserts relevant products for specific user segments.

   The Result   

Your existing customers finally get relevant and personalized emails.

Why we love email

The most powerful channel for reaching existing audiences.

More than 41% of e-commerce revenue comes from existing customers.*

Have you looked deeply into where your e-commerce revenue comes from? Stats show that up to half of it comes from existing customers. Let’s focus on them!

* Adobe Digital Index

Ratio between an average spend of returning customer vs typical customer in Europe.*

An average European repeat customer spends 7 times the amount of a typical shopper. Isn’t it about time you unleash the power of your existing customer email base?

* Adobe Digital Index

Existing e-commerce customers spend on average 100% more time on your site.*

Returning visitors to e-commerce sites spend dramatically more time on sites and visit more pages than new visitors. Mojn makes it easy to focus on your existing customers.

* KISSmetrics Blog

Mojn brings you

E-commerce marketing features you need.

Email campaign automation

Email campaigns are a big hassle. Even more if you want to make them relevant and personalized. Mojn takes care of the heavy load for you.

Email provider integration

Mojn doesn’t replace your existing email provider. Instead we integrate seamlessly with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and many other vendors.

Language agnostic

Being relevant to different nationalities of your e-commerce business is hard. Luckily, Mojn is language agnostic and works all over the world.

1-on-1 customer relationship

Lately, digital communication has been mainly “one-size-fits-all”. Mojn brings back relevancy to your communication. Without extra work.

Magical visitor segmentation

Not many companies are equipped to analyze millions of website visitors. No need to, Mojn does it for you and automatically applies the knowledge.

Great and friendly support

We have a team of passionate marketing automation specialists at Mojn. They go above and beyond to help your email marketing become more relevant.

Be in Full Control Over Your Campaigns

Use our dashboard to analyze, set up and control your email campaigns.

Works Great With Your Email Provider

Keep your existing email provider. Mojn delivers relevancy “on the fly”.


The age of relevant email marketing is here

Want to join the limited number of our early Mojn Performance Email Targeting clients?

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